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Never find yourself in the dark again when you're looking for the right lighting equipment. We design and manufacture high powered solid state lighting components for photographic and research applications. Our background in research and development ensures that we use nothing but the finest components for designs that are reliable, powerful, and compact.

Make sure that you get the perfect photo with our rugged, durable, and self-contained high power LED lighting modules.

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Since 1995, LEDHOT Lighting Company in East Islip, New York, has been a leader in  High Power Solid State LED Driver technology. Our company's creation started with research and development, and in 2002 launched our line of Solid State LED Drivers.  Our dedication to our products and our craft exists in our peerless product performance.  For environmental compliance, we only use ROHS-based components.


  In addition to our cutting edge driver technology, we are also a custom design house. We can customize a design to suit your individual needs. You may sign up for an account to keep track of your purchases, invoices, and set up monthly billing for R & D accounts. You can also sign up on our Contact page to receive Newsletters, Products Release info, Coupons and more...