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Welcome to the LEDHOT Lighting SERVICES page. Our custom design services will bridge the gap between conception and final product. Simply go to our CONTACT page and send us your contact information with a brief description of your project needs, and someone from Tech Services will be sure to get back to you. A free consultation is key to determining the cost and scope of your project. After consultation, we will provide you with a quote and projected timetable for completion of your prototype or product. 

The following video is an example of our engineering, design, and product development capabilities. Here a customer came to the shop to evaluate the final product. This is an infrared imaging device which is designed for rapid deployment to a forward military base, where it will be used for vein location and introvenous insertion. It is water proof, shock tested, and requires no warm up. Best of all, it produces real time images that rival X-Ray / Flouroscopy, at 1/8 the cost.